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Hag-Seed ~ Margaret Atwood

This is one of the Hogarth Shakespeare project’s books, a series of fiction books based on the works of Shakespeare. Others include Macbeth by Jo Nesbo, The Winter’s Tale by Jeanette Winterson and Hamlet by Gillian Flynn. Felix Phillips is a middle-aged theatre director and actor, who was staging a […]Read more »

Third Act Blues

Editing the third part of ‘The Witch Woman’s Prophecy’ is proving to be the least enjoyable part of writing this novel. One of my writing buddies has told me that I have hit ‘The Dip‘ as defined by Seth Godin. Sometimes I feel that I’m not making any progress at all, and […]Read more »

The Craftsman ~ Sharon Bolton

Devoted Father or Merciless Killer? His secrets are buried with him. Thirty years ago three missing teenagers were found dead after being buried alive. Larry Glassbrook was the creepy, Elvis-lookalike, coffin-maker convicted of the crime by young WPC Florence Lovelace. After Larry’s death, the disappearances begin again. Was Larry the […]Read more »

Scythe ~ Neal Shusterman

This is one of the best YA books I’ve read in recent years. Not only does it have an exciting story, but it also poses lots of moral and philosophical questions in an understandable way. I’m convinced that this is going to become a standard text in schools over the […]Read more »

Girl in Snow ~ Danya Kukafka

I heard Danya Kukafka interviewed on DIY MFA and immediately added ‘Girl in Snow’ to my ‘Must Reads’ list. I loved the way Danya described telling this story from three completely different points of view. I love a good whodunnit, and enjoyed this immensely, despite it being more about the […]Read more »

In the Margin

I have posted another story onto Wattpad which you can find here This was a fun story to write and as I limited it to a thousand words it mean that I had to make every single word count. The garden in the story was inspired by my grandmother’s. Gran grew […]Read more »

The Girl with All the Gifts

Yeah, yeah. Maybe I’m a little behind the times, but I’ve just read ‘The Girl with all the Gifts’ by M.R. Carey after listening to this episode of the Best Seller Experiment. You should definitely read this if you would like to know what it might be like to be […]Read more »

NaNoWriMo novel enters second draft!

Hello my lovelies! After a good break it’s time to get down to editing the second draft of the NaNo novel. I’ve had time to lots for thinking and planning over the holiday season and I’m ready to add lots of twists and surprises. How did you spend your holidays?