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Medieval Research – Getting Real!

For me, fantasy stories need amazing descriptions and unusual sensory details as much as they need great characters and plot. After all, Gollum wouldn’t have been half so interesting without his strange hissing voice and the weird gollum sound he made when swallowing and Ironman would have been much less […]Read more »

First draft of new book completed

I am so excited that my latest book has just reached the end of the first drafting stage. It is a more complex and multilayered book than I have ever written before with many new characters. At the moment it has a working title that I don’t want to share […]Read more »

Under the Skin ~ Michael Faber

Isserley seeks out well built male hitchhikers and incapacitates them. Her reasons for doing so are gradually uncovered and they are a lot more complex than they initially appear. SpoilerThis is a novel that turns meat eating and the meat industry on its head.The men are being collected to be […]Read more »