Daemon Voices by Philip Pullman

I love Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy and ‘Sally Lockhart’ quartet and I’m sure I’m going to pick up some brilliant tips from this series of essays on storytelling. I’ll add more posts as I make my way through the book.

The first essay ‘Magic Carpets’ is about a writer’s responsibilities. These take many forms: responsibility to the story to make it the best it can be; responsibility to yourself so that you have time to write the story; financial responsibility to your family so that they get fed and responsibility to your fans by making sure that you satisfy their desire for a good story and that you don’t cheat them by going back on the promise you made to them when they started the story, e.g. that you won’t include a deus ex machina.

Lots of points there to keep in mind as I write!

Anni X