Scythe ~ Neal Shusterman

Cover for the book Scythe'This is one of the best YA books I’ve read in recent years. Not only does it have an exciting story, but it also poses lots of moral and philosophical questions in an understandable way. I’m convinced that this is going to become a standard text in schools over the next few years.

That all sounds very worthy and probably not very interesting. Now let me give you a brief insight into the plot and you’ll see why you should read it straight away.

In around a thousand years or so, the world has become a much different place. Governments have been replaced by a benevolent, all-powerful computer system which runs the world for the benefit of humanity whilst taking care of the environment. Disease and death have been abolished. This leads to the threat of over-population, so an order of ‘scythes’ is created to maintain the human population at a sensible level by randomly killing or ‘gleaning’ them. Teenagers Citra and Rowan are chosen to become a scythe’s apprentices. A twist of fate means that only one can become a scythe with their first task being to kill the other.

I loved this book for its twisty plot (much more complicated than I’ve described above) and the insight into he characters, which is partly shown through diary entries. Not only was I entertained, but ‘Scythe’ also made me think about things differently. Perfect!

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