The Host ~ Stephanie Meyer

I’ve never read the ‘Twilight’ series, so this is my first encounter with Meyer’s work. I picked it chiefly because it was written in first person and in the past tense and I wanted to see what I could learn from it about this style. I am full of admiration of the way Meyer makes you like a person who could so easily be disliked. I also loved the way that Meyer uses physical responses to put you right inside Wanderer/Melanie.

‘Wanderer’ is a ‘soul’, a wormlike alien being, who is implanted in the body of a human girl called Melanie. Unlike most humans, whose personalities are pushed aside by the souls, Melanie fights back to stop Wanderer from accessing her memories and discovering secrets that could mean the end of humanity. Things get very difficult between them when the alien falls in love with Melanie’s boyfriend.

There are some wonderful characters in this story, both Melanie and Wanderer are believable. Uncle Jeb is a delight and I want to cuddle up to Jamie myself!