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Medieval Research – Getting Real!

For me, fantasy stories need amazing descriptions and unusual sensory details as much as they need great characters and plot. After all, Gollum wouldn’t have been half so interesting without his strange hissing voice and the weird gollum sound he made when swallowing and Ironman would have been much less […]Read more »

Third Act Blues

Editing the third part of ‘The Witch Woman’s Prophecy’ is proving to be the least enjoyable part of writing this novel. One of my writing buddies has told me that I have hit ‘The Dip‘ as defined by Seth Godin. Sometimes I feel that I’m not making any progress at all, and […]Read more »

NaNoWriMo 2017

50,879 words in thirty days. What a ride it’s been! This has been my first ever NanoWriMo and although it’s been hard work, it has definitely been an experience I am going to repeat. In these thirty days I have written around two-thirds of the first draft of a novel […]Read more »

My favourite writing podcasts

I thought I would share some of my favourite podcasts with you today. I love to get inspiration and information while I am driving or cooking especially. We all have to do things that keep your hands and only a tiny part of your mind busy, so it makes sense […]Read more »