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First draft of new book completed

I am so excited that my latest book has just reached the end of the first drafting stage. It is a more complex and multilayered book than I have ever written before with many new characters. At the moment it has a working title that I don’t want to share […]Read more »

Under the Skin ~ Michael Faber

Isserley seeks out well built male hitchhikers and incapacitates them. Her reasons for doing so are gradually uncovered and they are a lot more complex than they initially appear. SpoilerThis is a novel that turns meat eating and the meat industry on its head.The men are being collected to be […]Read more »

In the Margin

I have posted another story onto Wattpad which you can find here This was a fun story to write and as I limited it to a thousand words it mean that I had to make every single word count. The garden in the story was inspired by my grandmother’s. Gran grew […]Read more »

NaNoWriMo novel enters second draft!

Hello my lovelies! After a good break it’s time to get down to editing the second draft of the NaNo novel. I’ve had time to lots for thinking and planning over the holiday season and I’m ready to add lots of twists and surprises. How did you spend your holidays?

My NaNoWriMo novel

It’s now over the 65K word mark. I’m writing much more slowly than I did in November, but I’ve been spending a lot of time refining details in the plot and establishing how the characters are growing and changing. I’d love to tell you about all the things that happen, […]Read more »

NaNoWriMo 2017 starts tomorrow!

I’m so excited to be starting on my first NaNoWriMo! I have an idea that has been wandering around inside my head looking for a chance to escape and make itself known to the world for the last couple of years and now is its chance. Can I manage 1,667 […]Read more »


I wonder how many of you have discovered BookCrossing? It’s an amazing social network for books and book lovers. If you have never found a BookCrossing book then just head over to their site at now and take a look and see where you can find some. The basic idea is […]Read more »