My favourite writing podcasts

I thought I would share some of my favourite podcasts with you today. I love to get inspiration and information while I am driving or cooking especially. We all have to do things that keep your hands and only a tiny part of your mind busy, so it makes sense to learn something useful while you have this ‘spare’ time.

I listen to these podcasts most weeks:

  • DIY MFA – interviews with published authors and writing advice.
  • The Bestseller Experiment – information, tips and interviews on writing and publishing a bestseller in a year.
  • The Creative Penn – interviews with a range of authors and experts plus self publishing advice.
  • Writing Excuses – interviews and advice, mainly sci-fi/fantasy, but useful for all writers.

I hope these give you some ideas. You can listen to the podcasts on their websites or download them onto your podcast app.

Anni  X