Under the Skin ~ Michael Faber

Isserley seeks out well built male hitchhikers and incapacitates them. Her reasons for doing so are gradually uncovered and they are a lot more complex than they initially appear.

This is a novel that turns meat eating and the meat industry on its head.
The men are being collected to be farmed and processed and sent off to an alien planet for consumption. As an ethical vegetarian I approve of what the book is trying to get people to think about, but I feel it could have been much better done and made more of an impact.

What didn’t work for me was Isserley’s fatalism. I would have found it a much more enjoyable book if she’d actually acted upon what she learned and taken a stand, rather than drifting through life.
The odd love triangle didn’t work for me either, Amlis wasn’t interested in her enough and Isserley wasn’t interested in Ensel enough.